What is a co-op?

Our mission is to build the foundations of a sustainable society through the practice of cooperative living.

BCL was founded by students from Indiana University and experienced co-opers from places such as Ann Arbor, MI, Madison, WI, Athens, OH, and Berkeley, CA. We are members of the North American Students of Cooperation.

A co-operative is an association united in meeting the common needs of its members.

We strive to create a living environment that is mindful of the economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations of our members. This foundation more naturally prompts members to share ideas, bring up concerns and appreciate each other's differences in a living situation.

A co-operative is democratically-controlled.

Each co-op house has a weekly meeting where members the opportunity to vote on house agenda items. A few members will be elected as leaders on committees within the co-op to hold the houses accountable. All members are assigned chores and help with cooking as a part of their duties in the house.

A co-operative is economically supported by members.

Members pool money for food. Each month, members will pay for their designated room fee as well as a grocery fee, all on the same bill.

A co-operative is dedicated to cooperation with other co-ops.

Co-operatives can be found across the nation and world. We are dedicated to helping each other. A one-time membership fee is paid to the North American Students of Cooperation.

Read more about The Rochdale Co-operative Principles.

First step:
become a member

1. Fill out this application.

2. Visit all three houses, and help out on a cooking shift at one house.

3. Come to the membership meeting (informal two-way interview over potluck dinner with the whole co-op.

4. The co-op will vote on whether to grant membership, with 55% approval (upvotes) required to become a member.

Second step:
rank your house

You will receive a form from the membership committee asking you to rank preferences for which houses you most want to sign for. No one is guaranteed their first preference, but the committee tries to accommodate preferences as much as possible.

Last step:
sign your lease.

A membership committee representative will contact new members about the timeline for signing leases and picking specific rooms. If the new member does not sign the lease in a timely manner, the room becomes available to other members.